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ezsy Bitcoin Alliance is a safe haven where like-minded people can come together to share their views, openly discuss, and acquire knowledge of bitcoin and blockchain.

Realizing that over 90% of people do not have a strong grasp of blockchain and how to invest in bitcoin safely. Moreover, there have been a lot of scams and frauds in the crypto space aimed to target those who lack knowledge.

ezsy’s Bitcoin Alliance mission is to educate the masses to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology safely. We want ezsy Bitcoin Alliance to be the platform to bridge that gap so that people can learn about blockchain and bitcoin safely.

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Tribute to financially independent women

Bitcoin Alliance Millionaire of the month - Vanessa Koh

Vanessa Koh is a crypto millionaire, Technopreneur and Co-founder of ezsy App.

Being a crypto millionaire, Vanessa is undisputedly a crucial member and respected leader of ezsy.

Motivated by the fact that she earned her first million in cryptocurrencies, Vanessa co-founded ezsy to develop and introduce ezsy – a safe and trusted wallet app to buy your first Bitcoin. Read more

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ezsy bitcoin alliance

ezsy Bitcoin Alliance!

Author: ezsy
The 5th of March 2021 marks the launch of our ezsy Bitcoin Alliance. The alliance is a group of like minded individuals that have a passion towards Bitcoin and want to make a difference by driving the adoption of Blockchain technology.

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