Tribute to financially independent women

Crypto Millionaire Tribute, International Womens’ Day

A tribute to financially independent women!

In line with International Womens’ Day, ezsy has decided to do a tribute to our Co-founder Vanessa who got her financial independence from crypto investments.


Who is Vanessa?

Vanessa Koh is a crypto millionaire, Technopreneur and Co-founder of ezsy App.

Being a crypto millionaire, Vanessa is undisputedly a crucial member and respected leader of ezsy.

Having advised and contributed to over fifty startups and ICOs with two exits in the technology industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the ezsy platform.

Vanessa is a technopreneur and start-up specialist. She partners with C-Suite Executives to engineer the best customer–centric products generating multimillion-dollar revenues.

Motivated by the fact that she earned her first million in cryptocurrencies, Vanessa co-founded ezsy to develop and introduce ezsy – a safe and trusted wallet app to buy your first Bitcoin.


Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Computer Science in Game Design from the University of Wollongong.

Along with 2 FinTech investment funds, Vanessa has founded 4 technology start-ups in the areas of:

  • SAAS infrastructure
  • Software and web application development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Blockchain and smart contract technologies



At the age of 17, Vanessa built an internet marketing software which creates content and compiles them strategically to build up page rankings. She then sold this software to users, providing a lifetime subscription at 100USD. 

Due to her extensive coding knowledge, Vanessa also developed a suite of accounting and customer relationship management software at the age of 19.

Spending 18 hours of coding everyday, she was already clocking in a 5-figure sum every month at that young age. This allowed her to embark on her journey to become a crypto millionaire.

Her cryptocurrency journey started as an early investor of Ethereum and NEO. With her strong belief in the blockchain technology and foresight, she managed to reap the gains as Ethereum and NEO multiplied in value over the years.

In addtion to Vanessa’s early success, many friends and relatives started asking her to develop websites and apps for their businesses. 

Vanessa hired friends in her tertiary institution to work under her leadership and they were able to complete one website per day. These websites are then sold at a price range of $2000 to $15000 each. 

This accelerated her career, selling to over 400 companies in one year, allowing her to gain financial independence.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are just the start of what future technology can bring us. You too can gain financial independence through smart investing! 

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