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Our third networking session

ezsy Bitcoin Alliance had our third networking event on the 25th of March. This time friends and family were invited as well as part of the event, making it a fun-filled and exciting session!

ezsy btc alliance

Being a member in the Bitcoin Alliance

ezsy shared about how most people in Singapore do not fully understand cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. This makes Singaporeans lack the knowledge to be able to avoid scams and frauds relating to the crypto space.

However, the Bitcoin Alliance is here to provide that bridge between people that lack the knowledge and ezsy, the platform that offers security and simplicity to buy your first Bitcoin.

It is ezsy’s goal to use the Bitcoin Alliance platform to educate the masses in Singapore that blockchain and Bitcoin is not a scam and when done safely can be a tool to grow your wealth! 

ezsy btc alliance

The $3 referral programme

We also introduced our $3 referral programme where the Bitcoin Alliance members can leverage on to help spread the word about ezsy.

This aims to help everyone start their crypto journey by utilising the money given to them instead of having to spend out of their own pockets.

Last but not least

We ended the day with some light refreshments and a casual chat session. Many of us shared about our experiences when buying Bitcoin with ezsy, and we also had fun talking about our daily lives. It was a fruitful session and everyone left with something to takeaway.

ezsy btc alliance

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