ezsy complies to regulatory requirements

A Look Into How ezsy Complies To Regulatory Requirements With Cynopsis

Author: Cynopsis Solutions

“It’s about time we compliance officers pivot and adopt RegTech solutions to help us in our fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Cynopsis Solutions, in particular Artemis, hits the sweet spot, taking away the pain points such as manual period screening, manual risk assessment of clients and audit trail of internal approval process. Artemis provides ezsy with an automated, efficient and timely ongoing due diligence process all on one platform.” said Mr. Charles Ng, Chief Compliance Officer of ezsy Pte Ltd.

We are glad to have ezsy, one of our many satisfied clients to come onboard as we strive to continue assisting them in overcoming their regulatory and compliance pain points.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to ezsy, a multi-currency app that facilitates fiat and cryptocurrency exchange through contactless digital transactions.

Founded by professionals with vast experience, ezsy is a trusted digital wallet app which provides a safe platform by leveraging on a secure financial infrastructure of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to empower its users to experience seamless and quick transactions conveniently. Individuals and entities will be able to perform flexible conversions between Fiat/Crypto, and multi-currency wallets – all within their fingertips.

With the help of leading blockchain and cloud technology, ezsy aims to streamline user experience to provide its users with a smarter, more connected, more efficient and safer digital environment. As ezsy continues to further expand their services to users across the Southeast Asia (SEA) region, it is imperative to place a greater emphasis on security whilst staying compliant with the increasingly stringent Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) laws and regulations.

Addressing challenges of ever-changing regulatory landscape to stay ahead of the regulatory curve

As a Global Trusted RegTech Solution, Cynopsis Solutions is extremely pleased to come into play, and assist ezsy in their customer onboarding process with the introduction of Artemis, our flagship e-KYC solution that is able to integrate seamlessly with any application using Application Programming Interface (API). Built specifically to address the challenges of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, Artemis helps clients in both the Financial and non-Financial Services sectors, to stay ahead of the regulatory curve by assisting them in fulfilling their compliance obligations through risk assessment, global KYC/AML screening, record keeping and ongoing due diligence.

With Artemis in place, users and merchants who are using the ezsy mobile application will be screened against our integrated global database to identify whether they are politically exposed persons (PEPs), have been placed under sanctioned or adverse news, or potentially categorised as high-risk users. In today’s digital age where financial crimes are increasingly on the rise globally, it is crucial for regulated entities to implement appropriate KYC measures and practices to mitigate the risk of onboarding and establishing business relationships with individuals / entities who are potentially involved in illegal activities such as Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

We are glad to have earned the trust from ezsy to assist them in a very important aspect of regulatory compliance – KYC/AML. The ability to understand and address clients’ regulatory pain points sets us apart from other providers.” said Mr. Chionh Chye Kit, CEO & Co-Founder of Cynopsis Solutions.

Find out more about the comprehensive features of Artemis and how they help to address some of the compliance pain points faced by ezsy below:

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