Gifting the new norm, ezsy Bitcoin gift card

Gifting the new norm, ezsy Bitcoin gift card

Start a new era of gifting with ezsy

Gift card ranges from $18 to $500.

Surprise your loved ones with ezsy, perhaps gift them  their first bitcoin. It is a reality, bitcoin is becoming a mainstream currency and this is the new norm. Introducing the ezsy Bitcoin gift card, where we’ve made it ezsy to give more.

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Send your loved ones a gift card today

Based on a 1 for 1 value, select the value, quantity and the recipient’s email you would like to send the gift card to followed by your PayNow transaction reference number in the form below.

Upon receiving your payment successfully, the recipient will receive an email with a unique serial number and instructions to have the value deposited into the ezsy wallet.

You may also purchase and send to more than one recipient. Start gifting to your loved ones today! 

Please make payment via PayNow to:
ezsy PayNow UEN: 201806994Z