NFT Plus

SGD 554.90

In today’s digital world, NFTs are gaining popularity at the same rate as cryptocurrencies. The NFT Plus workshop will help you gain a better grasp of NFTs and will assist you in developing various types of projects employing NFTs. The purpose of this course is to establish and enforce minimal standards for NFT developers that specialize in both individual or enterprise development.

This course will ensure that, in addition to gaining significant skills, you get insight into the NFT domain and, as a result, can apply what you’ve learned to construct NFT-based platforms for organizations and enterprises. After passing this exam, you will be able to understand different chain platforms for Non-Fungible Tokens, providing you a substantial advantage in the Blockchain area.

In this 2 days course you will learn:

  • How To Create NFTs
  • How To Choose An NFT Marketplace
  • Proven Strategies For Selling Your NFTs
  • NFT Mistakes That You Must Avoid
  • Investing In NFTs And Flipping For Profit


Disclaimer: All workshops are for educational purposes only and not any financial advice. Program’s content may varies for time to time.