Free Bitcoin and Blockchain course with Certificate of Completion by ezsy

Limited to 7 slots per session – based on first come first serve basis

Free bitcoin and blockchain course with Certificate of Completion

Limited to 7 slots per session – based on first come first serve basis

We realized that 95% of the population don’t have a strong grasp of what blockchain and bitcoin are. Many are curious and looking for ways to learn what this industry is all about. While most information can be found on the internet, the content provided may be overwhelming to understand and even misleading.


ezsy has identified this gap and is making it our mission to educate as many people properly. We want to equip new beginners in the crypto space with the right knowledge so that they would be able to protect themselves from being scammed and able to access bitcoin in a safe and ezsy manner.

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Course outline:

  • What is Blockchain
  • Blockchain Simplified
  • Features of Blockchain
  • Why Blockchain?
  • What can you put on the blockchain?
  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • Features of Cryptocurrency?
  • Why Cryptocurrency?
  • How to be safe?
  • Introducing ezsy
  • Q&A


Things people have said about ezsy
Abdul Aizm Loh, 27
Abdul Aizm Loh, 27
Compliance Analyst
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Before being a part of the team, I attended an event with ezsy where everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Discussions were also insightful and made me realised that there was a lot more to learn from ezsy and this industry.
Alexander Foo, 29
Alexander Foo, 29
Business Development Manager
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Attended one of ezsy's events before joining the company; everyone was helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming. The vision of the company, the speed at which products and systems are being developed and the warmth and support among the staff are the defining factors that ultimately led me to join the company.

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